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Tread Labs Military Veteran Discount

25% Off– Military Members
– Veterans
– Dependents

Click on the image below to take advantage of the Military Veteran Discount at Tread Labs.

Tread Labs Military Veteran Discounts

Tread Labs Military Discount

Military Personnel and Family Save 25% on Tread Labs Insoles

Tread Labs is proud to offer a 25% discount for active service military personnel, veterans and their families. It is our way of recognizing and saying thank you for the sacrifice each of these groups has made to preserving our freedom.

Long days on your feet in work boots can make a hard job harder, especially if you over-pronate. If your feet are tried or sore at the end of the day, adding a pair of insoles can help.

Finding the right pair of insoles doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to figure out your arch height. Then you can find an insole that matches the contours of your foot, giving your arch a flawless fit.

How to Get Your Military Discount From Tread Labs

We have partnered with, an online service that provides accurate verification of military affiliation. When you get to your Tread Labs shopping cart, find the green button that says “Verify with” Once you click it, you’ll be able to get your discount – Active service members or veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard or Marines and their families are included. makes it quick and easy to get your military discount:

  1. Shop and select the insole(s), top covers and met pads that are ideal for you
  2. On the cart page, click the green Verify with button to confirm your affiliation
  3. Continue checking out with the discount now applied to your order

Tread Labs Veteran Discount

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