Yes, offers a 10% military discount.

Here’s how to obtain the military discount:

  • Create an account with a .mil email address
  • The discount will appear as an order level discount during checkout
  • There are no exclusions


At New Balance, we proudly salute the bravery and commitment of our military members and veterans. That’s why we offer an exclusive discount of 10% off to honor their service. Transitioning to our dedication, we prioritize supporting our military community in every step they take.

With our discount, military personnel and veterans can access premium athletic footwear and apparel at a more accessible price. Transitioning to our commitment, we actively engage with military organizations, sponsor events, and participate in initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of our service members.

Beyond discounts, New Balance is deeply committed to supporting our military community in meaningful ways. Transitioning to our comprehensive support system, we provide resources, assistance, and gratitude to ensure every member feels valued and appreciated.

Join us at New Balance, where we walk alongside our military members and veterans with respect, appreciation, and unwavering support. Transitioning to our promise, we’re here to help our heroes stay active, comfortable, and ready for whatever comes their way.